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Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
Pretty epic chapter but not nearly enough action to please my cravings
Don't worry, that should come soon enough.

Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
Well it great to see Aizen has some fear in him now and now shall receive a good ass kicking. But maybe with more "fear" instilled into him will make his transformation into God complete. Well waiting on the excitement of the next chapter :D.
That's an interesting idea, definitely, Ichigo making Aizen transform again by accident 8O.

Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Although I hope they won't murder it like those people did with the Kyuubi vs. Pain fight in Naruto anime.
I have a feeling, just call it a feeling, that you liked this chapter.

What do you mean by "murdering the scene"? Granted, I haven't watched that fight except as manga...

Originally Posted by Nicktacular View Post
bleach will probably have ichigo whoop his ass for like two to four chapters and azian will like find the key or something and run away into the kings place
If you are going to join the club, please do so properly (I suggest reading the first post).
And in response to your statement, which I would think we might need to spoiler now?
There is no way that the fight will just be Ichigo beating up Aizen. Watching all "final fights" from all sorts of animes and mangas, they are never that simple and boring. And it will last MUCH longer than 2-4 chapters, Ulquiorra fight lasted, I think, a dozen, even.
And Aizen needs to create the King's Key, from scratch. He wouldn't do that while Ichigo is still there to fight him. Aizen doesn't seem like the kind of person who would run away from a fight, either.
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