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Originally Posted by Bards Sword View Post
Must resist, must resist...



But seriously, besides the "they don't look like pokemon" comments, do you have any suggestions then? This is not an accusation, this is an honest question. We'd love to hear all your comments, and also why you don't think they look like pokemon.
Originally Posted by aquakip
Another sprite update! This time I'm skipping toward the end of the dex, so then we can wrap up the whole Rayquaza Myth thing. These are the three spirits of Rayquaza.

The ID Pokemon
Type: Fighting/Ghost
Ability: Pressure

BUSTER is believed to have been formed from the agression of a dead pokemon. It is most well known for attacking anyone who comes near it.

The typing is creative, but the rest isn't. First off, legendaries have better names than "Buster", that hardly fits a fighting type. And why is it an ID pokemon? The sprite looks outdated as well.

The Ego Pokemon
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Pressure

SPECTVER was formed from the soul of an ancient pokemon. Its steel shell houses the energy that gave this pokemon life.

Now this one looks the oddest to me, it wouldn't slide as a Pokemon anyday, it looks like the final boss from fossil fighters to be honest.

The SuperEgo Pokemon
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: Pressure

NESSA was formed from the conscience of an ancient pokemon. It is very peaceful and will only attack in self-defense.

I really don't understand nessa, I like its look, but it just seems a tad off.

Maybe I was too harsh, maybe we've all set the bar too high ever since Aquakip showed us the amazing sprites he made for the starters. I don't mean to rip anyone's game, just stating my mind.

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