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This has always been one of my favourite games, for your creativity and enthusiasm, but mainly for your fakemon and their high quality. I must say however, I do not like the new legendaries.

First of all, I think it was an excellent idea creating legendaries based of Freude's psychic apparatus from his model of human psyche. Completely original and with great potential. However, none of them look like legendaries or are named like them. I like the typings but the designs are not up to the high standards I've grown to expect from you. In all honest opinion, I think you should scrap those sprites and redesign them completely.

I think the should reference Rayquaza by having his markings on their bodies. Or they could each have different markings that could fit together to form Rayquaza's (although they don't actually "fit" together). They could also seem more animal-like. For example:

Id could be ghostly (tranparent perhaps) blood-red bull with Rayquaza's markings. (based on the star sign Taurus) Check this out (

Ego could be a large ghostly (again transparent?) pale blue crab with Ray.'s markings. (based on star sign Cancer)

Super ego could be based on Virgo or Gemini and be gold/whte with Ray.'s markings and resemble a ghostly angel (or two angels).

These three could reference both the star sign and the psychic apparatus they represent. eg. Idurus, Cancego etc.

They could also be not huge, like Rayquaza, but sort of 5ft-ish to show that Rayquaza is no longer whole.

Possible typings

Id: Ghost/Fire or Ghost/Fighting
Ego: Ghost/Steel
Super-Ego: Ghost/Flying or Ghost/Dark (Ghost/flying could refernce Rayquaza's past self by being part flying)

This is of-course just an idea but I think I think you should consider something along those lines. I just want these legenderies to be as good as the likes of your ice and fire legendaries you already have.

Good luck as always.

[Apologise for poor spelling and grammar in places, I'm supposed to be doing mapping for my own game atm.]