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    Haha so I guess people agree that
    Ichigo certainly has the upper hand in this fight. XD

    I think I was just a bit paranoid with Sosuke (user, damn thats confusing!! XD) because on this other forum I go on, there are some people who disappear for a while, and then come back with posts about attempted suicide or something. =P some depressed people on that site but... yah. I'm probably overthinking things. XD

    oh yeah and I started school today so I'll still come on a lot but I can't be on quite as much as during the summer. Gotta work hard to not flunk outta senior year. XD

    And I still need people to come to the Bleach photoshoot at the New York Anime Festival this year... if ANY of you have a Bleach cosplay and can POSSIBLY make it... please tell me!!! or even if you know someone who can come. Online friend, IRL friend, or otherwise. doesn't matter. I just need more people!! I have like 5 people saying "maybe" but nobody said yet "i will be there" so.........

    sorry I'm a little off topic right now but I need to find people......... tell ANY friends you know online or IRL who might be able to make it... please?? thanks.