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    Originally Posted by chiefsfan212006 View Post
    Primeape would have been cool to see. I honestly don't get the point of Ash having it in the first place, due to how it was used. I was looking forward to Pidgeot, but it had to leave. (Pidgeot, Charizard, Lapras, Butterfree and Squirtle. I liked them.)

    I hate how Ash has to release some of his pkmn. If anything, I hope in the new series, he uses most of them at some point. I really wish Kingler, Muk and Tauros did more traveling.
    Ash had to catch Primeape because it's the only way he could have gotten his hat back and he had to give it away so that he can become stronger. Ash knows where he left Pidgeot and he might see him again since he promised to come back for him. Butterfree he had to release so he could have babies and Lapras had to come back to her family because she was an infant. I think it's good that Ash released them for their well being and not keeping them for his collection selfishly, but I still think his Kanto pokemon are the best.
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