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Can somebody please pm me on an explanation of this one:

Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Field is not a positive integer

File PBS/pokemon.txt, section 0, key Evolutions

Compiler:175:in `csvPosInt!'

Compiler:2414:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:2394:in `each'

Compiler:2394:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:2391:in `each'

Compiler:2391:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:3521:in `pbCompileAllData'


This exception was logged in errorlog.txt.

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I've gotten errors like this before. It means that I used the wrong variable in the evolution method. The problem is the part that says "pokemon.tst, section 0, Key evolutions"

I Don't Have A Section 0!

Who's in charge here anyway?
Game Freak or Nintendo

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