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Maybe because he/she did something to help out with the game?

Hate to be rude, but why do you need to know? I mean, if these guys have to keep answering delays the demo, and you get people like the below quote:

Originally Posted by phosphate5 View Post
August 13th. Want demo. Now.

Oh, btw, just wanted to say a few things:

1. I love your water tiles. I've only seen one lot I liked more, and you could see Chinchou etc. under the surfact at night in those...and they must be horrendously complex

Is that ash? And as it resembles Hg/Ss grass, do you encounter wild pokemon? Very cool idea, either way.

3. Not a critiscism, as I don't know what's wrong...but the lava looks a little...odd, in the way if flashes in this image:

I think it should possibly be a slight bit duller.

Oh, and again, good luck with this project!