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    That is true, but I replaced some Events, etc.

    You can easily do that via PPRE (Maps Section) -- just change the X and Y coordinates. You should watch a Tutorial on YouTube.

    EDIT @ 11:09 (AM) (GMT+1): I just finished some more bug testing. I bug tested the game till Valley Windworks so far and even made a lot of changes. For example:
    - I completely revamped the first Gym Leader, Dimphy! She now has more text, an own Trainer Battle Sprite and an own Overworld Sprite.
    - You'll have to battle Prof. Rowan sometimes!
    - People, called members of the TM Family, are scattered in Sinnoh. When you talk to them, they want a battle - if you manage to defeat them, you obtain a TM. Their Pokémon often demonstrate the TM you'll get. In addition to this, you can battle them as much as you want, which means you can get unlimited TM's! (Two TM Family Members have been added so far: Attract / Bullet Seed)
    - The Valley Windworks situation has been revamped. (It now has to do with a certain Gym Leader, to give the game more story)
    - I've added a new Trainer Class, called the Policewoman! They even have a new overworld sprite and battle sprite.
    - And last but not least, I updated all Text bugs, for example: Hey Parcel! or Rival's Mom: Could you go and find VS Seeker for me?

    There are a few Bugs left;
    - Gymleader Dimphy says something weird when she gives out her badge;
    - A lof of Trainers say wrong things, especially the Trainers that were Galactic Grunts before. I still can't edit the text in thenewpoketext though, it just doesn't seem to work. I always get an error.

    I will update with a newer Bèta Version soon!