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Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
Leolisk is good, Hallowtomb's sprite is cool (but Spiritomb does NOT deserve an evolution) and imo Albyphus looks like Suicune, I don't mean to rip it or anything, I just have a high standard set for Altaria evos.
Thanks :cer_smile: I don't agree with you on the Albyphus-Suicune thing though. Spiritomb was given an evolution to make gym leader no. 7 even more difficult. :cer_wink: Call me sadistic if you will.

Originally Posted by D. Lawride View Post
Diluculo? As in Ludicolo, or am I off? xD

Seriously now, the story sounds interesting (especially because it's mostly out of the common starting story, and you gave us a reason to visit the professor and give him a parcel!), as well as using the 'unique', per say, idea of having the professor get kidnapped as reason to start our journey.

The Fakemon also seem pretty nice; kudos on the latest ones posted, too, they're some of the best. :D

As for graphics, well, it's a shame you can't get what you need; I could give a hand, but my tiles are all DPPt/HGSS styled, so there isn't much I can do there. :/

Still, I wish you luck on this game!
Thanks :cer_smile: Diluculo is latin for "dawn". The 4 islands off the coast of the 2 main continents are named "dawn", "day", "dusk" and "night" in accordance with the general theme of time.

Originally Posted by phantominoid View Post
Hallowtomb is epic not to mention albyphus since i like altaria as a dragon
Thanks. :cer_smile:


New screenshots are coming soon. In the meantime you can nominate a type out of the following list and tomorrow evening I'll debut a new fakemon of that type! (Not copying Malachite in the slightest! :cer_tongue


Happy voting!