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Originally Posted by Vociferocity View Post
my vote is for poison~!

this game looks pretty cool so far - the fakemon look awesome, the plot seems engaging, and the features sound fairly interesting. one thing, though - um, so the plot bit mentions the main character is a boy called casey...will there be an option to play as a girl?
This something I've been playing over in my head for quite some time. I would rather this game follow much more of a story than most Pokemon games and so rigidifying the idea of being stuck with the name Casey Sharp and the male gender. I guess I could add in a female player, but with the exact same personality and character development called Evie Sharp. Whether that would detract from the story I do not know.

One thing to point out is that this game was originally part of a trilogy of hacks. Pokemon Chronicles: The Garden of Eden, The Sands of Time & The Eye of the Storm. I decided this was far to ambitious and cut it down only the second game for now, as it was the most "standalone". Whether I will ever make the other two is unknown as I intend to get this one completed. The point I'm trying to make is that The Garden of Eden and The Eye of the Storm both have female protaganists. In fact Hope Cassidy, the protaganist of The Garden of Eden appears in The Sands of Time as a main character and a crucial part of the plot. So you can see why I'd rather keep names/gender fixed.

It's really up to those who play the game. If you really, really can't stand playing as Casey Sharp, I'll add in the option to play as Evie but in all the other games I make in this series (if any!) he will appear as the NPC Casey.

Thanks for your input, and sorry for the wall-of-text answer. :cer_smile:

Oh and, keep the votes coming in!