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    Originally Posted by xhir View Post
    Okay I'd assumed you aren't interested in the Crown dogs or Pikachus as well? Or a NZ Manaphy/VGC09 French Milotic/TRU Hardy Arceus? Sorry, I'm just naming the events I have cause some of the names I know it as isn't listed the same in yours (and I'm not much of an event collector so you'll probably know the event names better )
    And just to mention, I have a number of different characteristic World10 Crobats, since you see to collect all of the different ones, if you haven't got them all.

    My FC is 2665 7065 1154. I'll be in the wifi in 5.

    edit: Ah, nevermind, you seem to have gone off.
    I'm still interested in the crown beasts (just looking for specific dates now), im only looking for different region world10 crobats
    Originally Posted by ray423 View Post
    Looking for shiny charmander and shiny larvatar. If you have any of these I have several level 100 pokemon including 3 levell 100 charizards and a level 100 metagross and a level 100 typhloshon
    use my diamond fc for shiny larvitar
    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    Ginji: When will you be on so we can trade XD? I have been looking at your profile and you are on when I am dead to the world (sleeping)XD.
    I'm online now, but I haven't cloned the events you wanted yet XD
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