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Originally Posted by dead-man-walking View Post
I love your story and your Pokemon. They look awesome own their own right. :D
Thanks. :cer_smile:

Voting Result!

Well 2 of you voted, which I guess is an improvement on before. The results were a tie for Steel and Water (I went for the first type phantominoid mentioned) and so I will show 2 fakemon.

Bandiero, the Outlaw Pokemon. Bandiero live in the harshest of deserts, searching for travellers and supplies. The don't take kindly to "no" as an answer and will retract their poncho and reveal their concealed cannon arms as a rebuttal to it. Sprite by Aviculor.

Cardioct, the Vascular Pokemon. It pumps water through its body to move through the deep seas, creating a steady beat. Although predatory, their pumping also allows them to filter nutrients from the water. Sprite by Aviculor.

Well I was supposed to have screenshots by today but seeing as I don't you can pick one more type of fakemon to be revealed tomorrow evening. Your choices are:


Happy voting! And remember to comment as always!