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    Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
    yes but seasons would be cool like you have a forest in the winter everything is snow covered and frozen
    in autumn/fall all the leaves are orange red and brown
    in summer all the trees are green
    spring blossoms grow
    That would be awesome!

    I'd like it if the FireRed engine got modernized. I'm working on a FireRed hack now (by myself) and if you ask me (just my personal two cents on the matter), I'd say these would be nice implements:

    -Secret Base ( You can make them in caves, underwater, etc instead of just trees all the time. The bases in Emerald were far better than DPPt who had them underground all the time.)
    -PokeNav (IMO one of the best features. Upgrade the match call to make as well as give it the features fo the PokeWatch from DPPt)
    -Abilities (We need more abilities that come from 4th gen and all the ones from 3rd gen that have the same effects as in emerald)
    -Moves (needs to be heavily updated with moves from 4th and 5th gen)
    -Day/Night (a must for pokemon who need to evolve depending on the time of the day)

    And more on like with the tilesets and stuff.

    Edit - Also does anyone know how to fix AdvanceMapError(5)?? I cant edit anything in the event pane.
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