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    Originally Posted by Fujitsu View Post
    And I wait patiently for the map hate. D:

    Edit: Oh, ew. Did you not do a basic run through of this before release? There are a couple palette issues that need to be ironed out.


    Also, I notice that the dream maps and Rovandria town do not use my refurbished maps. All the tile errors and some of the movement issues still exist.

    The release was rushed looked through multiple times, just didnt notice. I'll be releasing a patch in a few second to fix somethings that I forgot.

    Also Tomackze, Maybe post some screenies? I need that stuff fixed.

    EDIT: Alright guys, fixed some stuff.

    Download this patch from here on out if you are new to the beta. For the people that already patched with Beta 3, simply patch over it.

    Spoiler here, but thats obvious.

    Vice taking you down? Need a place to Train in Vestria City? Well look no more.. The Vestria City Undergorund Training Zone is now open to the public Look in one of the houses in Vestria to find it.
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