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Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post

Map Name: Virulian Island
Map Game: FireRed
Comments: lmao Don't remember how I thought of the name. Just and island made for fun. Not for a hack or anything.
Well, this is a pretty interesting map, glad to rate.
Review: First of all, I think that minibeach around the very edges is much too straight. What kind of beach is perfectly straight? It's the same with the outmost mountain, too straight. I like the tree tiles, but the ordinary FR/LG tiles (including the mountains and water) look really out of place. I like that house, it goes well with the trees, but again, all the FR/LG tiles look out of place with it. I suggest you chose either one style or another.
Last, that cave doesn't make much sense. It's a dead end! What's the point of that?
Suggestions: Pick one style or another. Make the outmost mountain and beach more natural and less straight. And do something about that dead end.
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