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    Here's an update for you guys:

    I will be finishing up the last 4 overworld maps tomorrow (all they need is detail work and prettifying) and then I'll be doing all the interior maps. I hope to get the interior maps finished sometime next week. Then, I'll be adding the events and other goodies. I hope that by this time next month, I'll have a small but playable demo out. Of course, that's not a promise.

    But that's not the biggest bit of news!

    Tomorrow, once I have all the overworld maps completed, I am going to run through each of the areas and give you all snapshots. I may even show you a bit of the map of the new region. :)

    The town map is completely done but my issue is that the town map generator hates my map for some reason because it's too wide and because it seems to not like the HG/SS style. :(

    I also hope that the forest won't be too hard for you. If my beta tester rants at me for hours on end because of it, then I know you guys may not like it.

    ~Until Later!

    UPDATE!! (9/10/10)
    I've finished up a map and then linked the ones ready to be showcased and ran through them. For most of the tiles, I need to set movement permissions and all that fun stuff. Feel free to comment on them. I've still got the four maps beyond that gatehouse to finish. And today's errand day too. So I may or may not get to working on the interior maps until next week.

    Personally, I love the grass tiles I found and various other tiles. :) Though, I can't keep adding stuff to the overly large tileset, so I may wind up starting to make independant tilesets for each area. But then it may make me re-do the maps that I've been working on. :(

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