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Sorry for not updating for ages guys, I've been really busy starting college lately and other personal issues. Since I last updated, I have worked on the game quite a lot. I've mapped the whole of Ashflow Town, a small town sitting atop Mt. Kindle. The demo will arrive in December. Now onto the updates.

Sugimori style Baby 'mon!

Pokemon-Diamond has made these great Sugimori style artworks for the three so far revealed Baby Pokémon. Haven't heard of the Babies yet? Each time you beat a gym, you'll be given a hint or a riddle to the where abouts of a Baby, once you find it it's yours!

All maps edited!

Apart from the new Baby 'Mon art, I've changed every single map in some way or another; so there would be way too many screens to post. Instead, here's an animation showcasing small parts of every map that will be in the demo in December. These are being updated all of the time, so keep an eye on the front page. Which one is your favourite?

New Support Banners!

Show your support for XENOTIME with these cool new banners.

Apart from that, I've been making loads of small changes to the front page over the time inbetween updates. There's the new screen format, which Amore has nicely displayed above, which makes it a lot easier to display loads of info on all the towns and cities. And of course, the new Psychedelic logo, which you can see below.

Update on update

The next update will be in a few days. It'll include the first three gyms badges, and revamps of the two other gyms like the one in Larcoon already has been.

Comments: (only recent ones)

@pikarich: Thanks for the update there. And yeah, we really are working hard to make it perfect.

@Pichuichu: Glad to hear you aren't gonna go crazy over no demo xD Yeah, I'm gonna be updating a lot more now. At least once every three weeks.

@phosphate5: I hope it will. Ok, I'll make sure to tell you when it is.

@ProdigyX: Thanks!

@Ben.: Because I hadn't been online to update it.

@Amore: Yeah, I love them too, they're the best non-transparent ones around in my opinion. You're right, that sort of thing is extremely complicated to get right. I'll just leave mercurysky to that xD
Yeah, it is and you do. Thanks, but it looks way better now.
At first I thought it looked great, but as the games style evolved more, it started to look out of place. I'm currently looking for the R/S one, as that is really awesome.
Thanks for the luck and I'd just like to say I really appreciate your comment from a few pages ago saying this'll look better than B/W.


Demo Beta out Now!