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Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews Rules

Welcome to a new area of the forum! This forum will house any and all games you want to show yourself playing, any guides on how to beat a game, and your opinions on a game! This area has been in some demand as of late, so we're giving this a run and seeing how it goes!

If you're unfamiliar with what a Let's Play is, it's generally someone recording/writing/taking snapshots of themselves playing through a game while adding commentary of some sort along with it. This commentary can be funny, random, relevant, or whatever pops up as you're playing. While some of you may have video recording capabilities, the majority of you may be screenshot posters or just write for all that happened. Examples are located here, if you are confused as to what a written/screenshot Let's Play might be.

General Rules

  • Follow the forum-wide rules!
  • A certain amount of off-topic chatter is to be expected in these sort of threads, but try to keep it marginally linked with the subject matter.
  • All thread topics will be viewed and checked for quality. This means that your grammar, punctuation and spelling is important! Neatness is preferred, also!

Rules for Let's Plays

  • First and foremost, if you are posting a video Let's Play you are starting. You may NOT advertise your YouTube channel. You must post your videos as they are uploaded to YouTube and I will be dilligent on checking whether this is the case. You may not simply post in your thread to announce a new video is up. Post the video here. Don't link it! You may ask for people to "thumbs up" the video, but if the majority of your posting is asking for more thumbs ups or views, it may be subject to closing.
  • If your written/screenshot Let's Play consists of very short updates constantly, it may be considered spamming to get +1 to your post count! Avoid posting these small updates frequently, if possible.
  • ONLY thread creators are permitted to revive their threads if it is past the expiration date of two months. Everyone else must abide by the general community rules.
  • If your images/videos contain violent-natured things, add a rating to your thread title! Ratings should be what the game being played is rated. Games with Adults Only [AO] ratings are not allowed!
    - [Rated M]
    - [Rated T]
  • You may post Let's Plays of console games, computer games or hacks you've downloaded! We encourage any and all types of gaming to be showcased here! (This doesn't include games like Minesweeper or Solitaire)

Rules for Guides

  • Be descriptive, be informative and be accurate! Walkthroughs can be challenging to write, especially if you don't have a source for images to help people along, so accuracy and descriptive writing is both encouraged and required. If there are complaints that your walkthrough is inaccurate or confusing from enough people, your thread may be closed if not fixed!
  • If you post a walkthrough, it does not have to be complete. You may update it in the same manner as a Let's Play, but try to keep things updated and neat, so people will be able to understand and enjoy the FAQ without much effort.

Rules for Reviews

A small review example is posted here. Feel free to use it to see what quality your review should have when posting.
  • Do not post generally negative reviews with the intention of flamebaiting another reviewer and their opinion. Explain your reasoning thoroughly!
  • Your review must be of decent length, both being descriptive and informative to your reader of what you liked or didn't like from a game. Extremely poor reviews will not fly and your thread will be locked! Reviews like this are NOT allowed:

    this gaem suckd!11 stupid!11 0/10!111

  • Reviews are generally someone's OPINION. If you do not like that person's opinion of a game, you may not flame or spam their thread! This will result in an infraction. You are entitled to your opinion, but do so by making a thread!
  • There is no set rating system, so feel free to use stars, 1-10, or another method easy to understand.
  • Reviews can be posted by anyone and the same game may be reviewed by as many people as want to post a review. You may reply to a review if you disagree, agree or just want to ask them something relevant to their review, but once again, leave your flamebaiting out of the area!

These are prototype rules and are subject to change as needed. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM that Yuoaman guy!