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    Originally Posted by CollosalPokemon View Post
    @> help-14 and Pichuichu:

    I guess not for now. I am working on a new encryption method that will hopefully be done soon with the same results except it'll load faster without using too much ram.

    @> Luka SJ:

    Thank you Luka, I did notice the ram issues which I am in the middle of fixing. I have, however, fixed every bug you mentioned. The map scrolling is now much, much smoother however the demo was meant to prove the validity of the 3D engine...and to prove I am not photoshoping it. I knew I would get more skeptics than believers if I simply showed pictures of the engine without proof. The tile passability 'glitches' were actually because the 3D had some...minor glitches at the time (certain tiles were passable because they're height was tall enough to go under, like the trees) so it was a temporary fix but now it's 100% fixed.

    @> koby1:

    Thank you for the constructive critism koby (I am in the middle of fixing the ram issues mentioned by everyone) However I don't think you understand how hard it is to make a 3D engine in RMXP like I made. I know there have been 2 other 3D engines for RMXP but they have either been discontinued very early on or they are simply too laggy to even think of creating a game with them. I made this engine because I wanted Origin to be different than other RMXP games, since every RMXP game (at least here) is using 2D maps with the exception of 2 games I believe which used mode7...which is extremely laggy anyways and it's actually not really 3D if your defining 3D correctly. I personally believe that this has a LOT of potential though because it has very minor lag (Try getting 3D to working in RMXP without lag by yourself and say it's easy) and you can tell it has definite depth. I rest my case. You can believe what you want but I, along with several other friends, believe the 3D is coming along nicely.


    For Everyone:

    I am working on a new encryption method so you guys can run it without it crashing your computers/eating up all your ram. I want to let you know that the 3D is NOT the problem (for those who are wondering). However I have been updating the 3D engine too so, since I have some valid proof that the engine is real, I'll document some new things :

    1) I have successfully modified Fustel's RMVX script (BDR Tile + Height) for RMXP so now the 3D also has 3D Collision Courses. (Also props to Fustel for his BDR scripts!!)

    Also I have been cleaning up the 3D too, here's a picture of the progress since the demo proved it's legit 3D and runs well :

    I know this may look like NeoMode7 at first, but I assure you it's not. If you've played the demo it's that same 3D but at a different angle.

    ~ CP
    I admint that that the 3D engine sets it apart from any other game , but what I ment by No potential is that you've showed us nothing of the storyline of Origin.. basically I was expecting like all other demos to have to be able to battle or use some unique feature other than the 3d itself.... or anything of that matter.. there was nothing much to do in the DEMO which I thought would have been better seeing as you have a multiboot CDS and a dual screen system like ninteno's... I do to believe in 3D games.... ive been wanting that from some fan games.

    In my opinion the 3D angle is set too low maybe from a higher angle it would look less "laggy"

    In the demo I wanted to receive a pokemon on my birthday from some old professor like the Nintendo games... That's what I ment by progress...
    ~ Koby
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