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Neeeeewwww update!

I'm sure you are.

You mean without it you would die? That's terrible!

Do I ever!

By golly, I sure hope so!

Yay, an old man gave me his rod!

Wait....wait...he just gave away his rod, holy crap he'll die!

Dude, you're gonna die! Get another rod quick!

Dude you're not listen-ahh what the hell let's ditch him.

Hi ho

Hi ho

It's off to the gym we go

*whistle whistle*

Hi ho

Hi ho

Hi ho

Hi ho....

Heh heh heh...south park....

Well if it isn't...uhhh.....wait who are you?

Well funny you should mention that, I have caught a variety of amazing and wonderful Pokemon in SoulSilver, even more in Platinum, and a few in Diamond, why do you ask what'syourface?

Oh jolly good.

No, of course not, now f*** off.

Please, it's really not necessary, I can beat you if all my Pokemon had one HP.

Oh fine then you nincompoop.



Balboa just leveled up to heavyweight champion of the world!!!
or not.

Well duuuuuhhh.....It's cause I'm sexy

Give up.

Anything for you to leave me alone.

And so, Mr Cool's journey was paused after a very crappy part of Rijon adventures. But the next...shall be....ok.

Really sorry for this fail, next episode will be better, just don't shoot!