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I'm sure I've seen this thread before, so I don't know why I haven't replied ;)

This is now one of my favourite games on PokéCommunity, despite it not even being in the Showcase yet (planning to move any time soon?). The Pokémon are awesome, the region seems interesting, and the beginning of the story sounds promising.

Anyway, is the player's name fixed, or is 'Casey' an example name? I'm not too keen on being stuck with a name I don't particularly like (sorry). On a related note, can the player select their gender?
During the plot, you get the Pokémon that the Professor saves you with as your starter. But judging from the sprites, you're going with the traditional Grass/Fire/Water triangle. So how is the starter the Prof uses decided?
Are the overworld sprites final? I assume you're going to be designing a new hero rather than using Essentials' default. The R/S/E sprites are in my opinion the worst looking OWs, too. If it was up to me, I'd either use 4th gen OWs or use a custom template.
And finally, the font looks a bit strange; as the screenshots are taken at half the natural resolution, some of the resized characters don't look right (such as the second " in the sign). Is there any reason you're not using one of the Pokémon fonts?