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    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    I guess since you're no game dev, you cannot appereciate how difficult, complex and fiddly scripting is - especially when you try to modify how the map itself is loaded. And your comment also shows us that you haven't read what CP said. This was NOT a demo of the game, this was a demo of the 3D system (as he stated in his post). He wasn't posting the demo to show you what origin looks like, and what it feels like, he was simply posting the demo for proof of his engine - I don't see a problem with that. Just because you don't have 3 hours of gameplay within something that was meant to show you its map, you can't say that this game has no potential, personally I think it has more potential that most of the games here. And let me tell you why I think that.

    CP here is giving the best of his abilities, to create something from his game to set it apart from others, and he is putting in that unique feature which will boost his overall look of the game. I think it has alot of potential since he is able to create custom scripts so that we don't look at the same old Essentials game, like everyone else has. You wan't some storylines? Go to the first page. He is not obligated to post a demo, with an intro of the story, he could just post a demo to show his latest soundtracks - it doesn't matter what he puts in it. But saying that this game has no potential, just because there is no play content is wrong. And that like you said...coming from a non developer. I guess you just can't appereciate the difficulties one has to go through, and the annoying little things that have to be done to achieve this.

    To CP I say good job!
    @ Luka and CP I do see the difficulties that a game Dev has to go through.. Ex: your computer crashing. That post was never meant to go into a bad way, it was more to try and push cp to work more on the game and not just the 3d... I mean lots of people want this game to be the best it can be because it has a keen feature that other games don't... The misreading of the "DEMO" was my fault and I sincerely apologize... I was just dissapointed that I didnt get to see alittle more , like in the screenshots he has. I also was just hoping for a small demo with atleast one thing to do other than just walk around and talk to a few people ..
    I know he isn't obligated in any way to post a "FULL DEMO"... Once again I am sorry Cp , that first comment I made wasn't suppose to be took en in a negative way or tone...

    Ps: Luka I said not that much potential ... Not NO POTENTIAL
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