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Originally Posted by xoax View Post
I like those Dewford trees. =3 They look sweet.
The Dewford tree in southeast of the map looks weird. Otherwise,a very good map. 8/10
Map name: Dark Woods
Game: For my unnamed ruby hack.
Description: Short woods which are the habitat of many dark-type pokemon.

Ignore the palette of the "pine dust". I already changed it.
Rating: 2/10
Reason: Well...I don't see how you can possibly get through the map. also, it's way too small, forests should be a lot bigger than that, and I don't like the way you used the ledges.

Map name: Route E
Map game: DarkGrey (Ruby)
Credits: First post of hack thread
Comments: Whew, this map took a long time. Basically, you come out of the lower cave, and you enter again for a sidequest through the top cave (Map I posted on previous page) and also there is a daycare and some events. Yes, the rocks on that mountain are placed like that for a reason.