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Luck; Yeaah I don't really have high expectations of myself since I'm all new to this. XD; I guess the more I do, the more I'll get use to talking and improve. :3

Klippy; glad you enjoyed it! XD; Yeah I tried to go for a game that no one else has done, well on PC. Better to watch a game you haven't seen before, and it's interesting at least, well I'd think so. XD; Although I'm trying to do a video/stage a day, so there will be more to come!

Let's Play! by Aizuke @ pokecommunity

Alright! Soo I've managed to get past stage 2, and I've cut it into two videos, but yeah as I said, I'm trying to aim for a stage a day, hoping I get enough free time to record something. :P

As for the second video, feel free to skip the boss battle if you get sick of me complaining about it. XD;

edit; I just realised the sound is out of sync hahaha. I have no idea what happened there.

Pocky & Rocky Stage 2, Part 1

Pocky & Rocky Stage 2, Part 2

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