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    Most of the pokemon advice threads I look up all talk about how easy fighting opponents in the game is, since it is artificial intelligence. I am apparently completely retarded, then, because I can't seem to win in the singles battle tournament in Emerald =(.

    I've only gotten to face Tucker once, and he wrecked me. Other times, I've even died just to the normal trainers.

    Is there any way I can set up my team's moves and/or hold items better? Note: all the hold items have to be obtainable in the current Emerald game I'm playing, I am not going to get new pokemon or level lowbies up, and all new moves I teach them also have to be easily obtainable. It's possible that my team just sucks and I don't have a chance, but I thought I'd try to get some advice here.

    Here is my team:

    Metagross @ King's Rock, level 65
    Brick Break
    Meteor Mash

    Walrein @ Chesto Berry, level 65
    Ice Beam
    Body Slam

    Cradily @ Leftovers, level 65
    Giga Drain
    Double Team
    Confuse Ray

    For the most part, Metagross can take care of just about everything. For anything that's not a type advantage or disadvantage for any of them, I use Cradily to sort of be evasive by keeping the opponent confused and spamming double team till just about nothing hits it, and healing with leftovers and giga drain till Toxic and hitting themselves with confusion finishes them off.

    The main problem I have been running into: I'll often use Metagross's Earthquake on just about anything that's not weak to ground, but a lot of times the pokemon will have a focus band so it holds on to one HP and then it uses Counter and OHKOs my Metagross.

    Some things have done that to Cradily, too, where I'll use Giga Drain against a water type, it'll Focus Band hold on to 1 HP and then Mirror Coat it back.

    That's not my only problem, though -- I die to other random things, too.

    Any suggestions for changing up my movesets and/or items?