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Well...Metagross is good...apart from Psychic. It's a special attack (psychic was one of the special types in Gen III). Play to its' strengths, and give it something like Shadow Ball, or Thunder/Ice Punch (if you use Ice Punch, you can easily pwn his Salamence due to Intimidate being blocked by Clear Body). ignore that, they're special types.

Walrein....give it a Lum Berry, incase you get hit by another status during the battle. You've played to its' strengths well, with water/ice attacks, as they're special. Body Slam is meh. I'd give it Toxic, as with Toxic and Rest, you could stall things out. Obviously, if you don't have Toxic because you used it on Cradily....tutor it Sleep Talk (man in Fortree does it for you). RestTalk Walrein is just...epic.

Cradily...Double Team, and evasion in general, aren't that handy, as the odds are when an attack hits, it turns critical. I would advise something like this: Toxic / Giga Drain / Stockpile / Swallow. You can Stockpile, heal with Swallow/Giga Drain, and stall them out with Toxic.

Sandstorm is good, but maybe you should lead with Walrein, as it doesn't benefit from Sandstorm, and does better without, whereas Metagross benefits from it.

Hope I helped!
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