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Update 4


-Went east of Vermilion
-Caught a Rattata and Pidgey
-Went north of Vermilion caught Abra and Jigglypuff
-Went to the west of cerulean and caught a Mankey.
-Went through Diglett tunnel
-Received Flash.
-Got Squirtle before I went to Rock cave.
-I can't remember the name of Rock cave < Is that is Dx
-Spammed by Pokemon.
-Got beaten by a Gravalar.
-Went back and defeated said Gravelar.
-Came out in Lavender town.
-Defeated Several trainers on the way to Celedon.
-Entered Celedon and Beat Erika
-Pidgeot now Lv39
-Raided the Rocket hide out.
-Pidgeot now Lv42
-Celedon Department store and bough 2x Water, 1x Lemonade, 1x Soda pop
-Gave all 3 drinks to the girl
-Received Tm 13, 48, 49 all of which Pidgeot can't learn.
-Taught Pidgeot Razor Wind over Bide
-Forgot to mention that I picked up Razor Wind TM
-Invaded Pokemon tower defeated a number of crazy ladies & and my Rival.
-Spammed by Gastlys.
-Defeated Jessie and James.
-Received the Pokeflute of Fuji.
-Went back to Vermilion and got the Bike voucher
-Went to cerulean and received said bike.
-Went to Silph co. to stop Team rocket again.
-Saved half way during a battle.
-Pidgeot stats are
Moves :
Wing attack
Quick attack
Razor Wind.

NOTE : My Gible run through is still going.
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