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    ^ Thanks for the advice on my team. I think I will try Sleep Talk instead of Body Slam with Walrein. I might also do Giga Drain/Toxic/Stockpile/Swallow for Cradily.

    I unfortunately can't teach Metagross Shadow Ball, because it already did know Shadow Ball at one point in time, lol =(...I removed it to teach Earthquake instead. Oh well; I'll just have to use his moveset as is. I thought Psychic was a good move to have on a Psychic-type, though. Why is it not very good for Metagross?

    How do I get the Lum Berry? I googled it and it said in Emerald, you can get the Lum Berry in Lilycove City or Route 123. I don't have the word "Corsola" in my set of words I can say to the Berry Master's wife, but is there a way I can get the Lum Berry from Lilycove City?