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Last Update


-Defeated Team rocket at Silph
-Defeated Sabrina
-Pidgeot is now Lv49
-Defeated Koga
-Pidgeot now Lv53
-Made my way to Cinnabar.
-Smashed my way through the mansion
-Pidgeot Lv58
-Defeated Blaine.
-Pidgeot Lv62
-Defeated Giovanni with much Difficulty .-.
-Defeated Gary with 5 Hyper beams and a Fly.
-Made my way through V Road.
-Defeated Lorelei
-Defeated Bruno
-Defeated Agatha
-Got defeated by Lance
-Once again I beat all 3
-Defeated Lance
-Defeated Rival.
-Became the champion

-Hyper beam
-Wing Attack
-Take Down

So proud my first challenge.

Tomorrow I shall start on Crystal with a Bulbasaur.
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