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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
I'm sure I've seen this thread before, so I don't know why I haven't replied

This is now one of my favourite games on PokéCommunity, despite it not even being in the Showcase yet (planning to move any time soon?). The Pokémon are awesome, the region seems interesting, and the beginning of the story sounds promising.

Anyway, is the player's name fixed, or is 'Casey' an example name? I'm not too keen on being stuck with a name I don't particularly like (sorry). On a related note, can the player select their gender?
During the plot, you get the Pokémon that the Professor saves you with as your starter. But judging from the sprites, you're going with the traditional Grass/Fire/Water triangle. So how is the starter the Prof uses decided?
Are the overworld sprites final? I assume you're going to be designing a new hero rather than using Essentials' default. The R/S/E sprites are in my opinion the worst looking OWs, too. If it was up to me, I'd either use 4th gen OWs or use a custom template.
And finally, the font looks a bit strange; as the screenshots are taken at half the natural resolution, some of the resized characters don't look right (such as the second " in the sign). Is there any reason you're not using one of the Pokémon fonts?

Sorry for the delay in my response. I've been very, very busy.

Originally you weren't to have a choice, but I have decided that seeing as the majority of people would much rather choose name and gender, that option will be available. The default names will be Casey & Evie. The reason for the original lack of choice is that I wanted a much more story-oriented game.

The Prof. thing is still being finalised, but what will probably happen is that when the Prof. calls out the Pokemon a box will appear giving you the choice of which Pokemon the Prof. sends out.

The overworlds will be changed to 4th gen style.

So far I'm just using the default fonts with Pokemon Essentials. This will be changed later.

Thanks for taking such an interest in the game. I hope you continue to follow it.

Originally Posted by aSeRo141414 View Post
This game is awesome! I like the fakemons!


Your Ideas

There are a few things that would be nice to hear from you. The first thing is: how many Pokemon should the regional dex comprise of. Being such a large region I'm thinking 301 would be the smallest size of dex. What do you reckon?

Do you have any ideas for additional game features? Now that Sands of Time is a game and not a hack, I can be much more creative. Such features not yet mentioned that I think would fit nicely are:
- Autumn form of all grass Pokemon caught in and around Autumnleaf Town.
- Some tidal effects (most notably in the Armarenth Dots).
- Pokemon following trainer (as in HG/SS).

If you have any great ideas, please tell me them. And as always, keep the comments coming.