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Solo Run Part 2: Muchu the Jynx

A quick recap is i travel to met Bill after beating my rival and the various trainers in route. I also do a little training but that went overboard and before I knew it my little Smoochum evolved into a Jynx before facing the gym. I cant say how simple it was, aside from the Misty's Starmie, but i easily earn the CascadeBadge, access to cut, and TM Water Pulse.

Outside, I heal at the Pokemon Center and make and then defeat a Team Rocket Grunt and obtain TM Dig. Now I exit the city and enter Route 5 where i take the Undeground Path to Route 6 and defeat all trainers in the area before finally arriving in Vermillion City.

In the city, I heal at the pokemon center and then explore the town which i manage to obtain the Vs Seeker, Bike Voucher, and Old Rod and I did a little shopping before i headed back to Cerulean City to pick up my bike and back to Vermillion to board the SS. Anne. Onboard, i manage to defeat all trainers and while doing so i run into Gary again but this time he was clearly no match. So continuing on i finally run into the cut master and obtain HM Cut. I rush to the Pokemon Center to heal and grab Charmander and teach him cut giving me entrance to the third gym.

Inside, the trainers were easy but the puzzle took me a while actually n n' but i did manage to solve it and get to Lt. Surge. Anyway, Voltorb went down with one Confusion...and so did Pikachu, but Raichu fell to yellow before being Super Potioned back to full health only to get with a Critical Hit Confusion so yeah...pretty easy. I got my third badge, the Thunderbadge, access to Fly, and TM Shock Wave. Now I save here and will pick off at the next town.


This run is easier than expected :<.

Solo Partner

Muchu the Jynx
Lv 37
-Powder Snow
Seigo Takahashi
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