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Hack name: Not yet decided, but probably soemthing to do with dinosaurs.

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Additional information about the hack: Though the idea of crossing Pokemon and dinosaurs isn't new, I decided to do my own take on it. Taking place in Sauria, a new region, the player must do the normal stuff - travel around, beat gyms, catch Pokemon, fill up the Pokedex, blah, blah, blah.... But in the shadowsm a sinister bwing threatens the whole region with her evil plans.

Finished percentage: Probalbly 5-6%

Your hacking skills: Mapping, basic scrioting and some spriting

What help or skill you're looking for: Mainly just a scripter, to help me out but another spriter would be nice as well, even someone to help with the titl screen.

Additional contact information: Just PM me if you would like to help.

Additional information: Just, um, if you help me, my mapping skills and I will help you :)
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