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    Originally Posted by adhdguitar View Post
    Review: For starters, its a nice little town. The palette is also pretty good, albeit a tad plain. I like the house on the far right, it looks pretty cool, but the purple houses are a little ugly. House and object placement is very good, and it is up to the standards of a Pokemon game.

    However, it has one flaw. It is just a little too plain. Now, that may not be a bad thing if you were going for a simple looking town, but all in all, it's a slightly boring map.
    7.5/10 :3

    My Map:
    Name: Palet Town and Route 1 Respectively
    Game: FireRed
    Keep in my mind that these are reworks, and not intended to be completely original maps.

    I like them, but the grass in the first one bothers me. Usually, there is never grass in a town, unless for an event or such. Beggining towns arn't ussually that big, with so little houses anyway. The mountain is a little square as well, like the tree formation, for my likeing but ovarall, it's a nice looking, and shows that you don't need a fancy rombase to spruce up your hack :)
    Ovarall: 6/ 10
    Suggestions: Remove the wild Pokemon grass, make it a bit smaller, add some more trees and make the mountain more natural.

    As for the second one... Same general ideas. The trees are square and looks unnatural, and though the mountain looks a bit better then the other one, it still needs work. There should be no one-tile paths, such as down the right of the mountain, and there is less grass here then there was in town.
    Ovarall: 5/ 10
    Suggestions: More natural tree spacings, make the mountain more natural. more grass and make the mountain a bit smaller

    Now, my map :)


    So, it's call Seasaur Port, and it's the starting town. The player arrives via the port to see his/ her mother after spending two years with their father in Kanto, and they are asked to get a Pokemon off Professor Rex. They then musy head over the mountain to get into the main region.

    The cave is guarded by a policeman who deems it unstable to go in. You can't get back on the boat at the port, because Salior Sean the 'captian', crashed it after you hopped off XD
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