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Rejected because of lack of quality.

Got any, uh, .PNG examples?

Originally Posted by DoomLucario View Post
IM address: [email protected]
Name: DoomLucario (Or luke)
Skill: Storyline artist
Proof of work:
Alright, long goes:
"No" yelled all of Team Phantom as the rocks began to fall from the ceiling. Garitina was coming. "This is one fight we cannot get involved in." Said Prof. Oak. "Come, once we get out of this cave, I've something for you."
You race out of the cave, but find yourself surrounded by phantom grunts. "They look angry." Prof Oak comments.
The nearest grunt walks up to you and punches you in the face. Then he notices the poke balls and your waist.
"Hehehehe" he chuckles to himself, a greedy look on his face, while the other grunts approach.

{Insert epic battle with excellent music here}

In the distance, you hear the cry of Dialga, who's still in the cave.
"Alright, here you go." Said Prof. Oak. He hands you a small red box. It looks familiar. "This is a national pokedex. It can catch and record data on all pokemon" Oak explains. "Now, I want you to travel to Johto and catch some pokemon there. You can take the Rustboro train to the Kanto region, then take a ferry to Johto."

Is that long enough?
Not quite what I'm looking for for. Sorry but you're rejected.

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
IM Address: [email protected]
雷影 イチロ / Ichiro
Position: Mapping
Proof of Work:

The map is a bit big and uploading it made it hard to see so I have attached it as an attachment. enjoy.
Sorry but that map isn't quite what I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by wingman11 View Post
IM Address: I'm not really into that, just PM me here and I'll get it. I check my PMs every day, so I will see it.
Name: You can call me by my username, wingman11, or by my screen name, Matt eli Walker.
Position: Mapper
Proof of Work: I haven't actually been part of a team yet, but I did try to make my own stand-alone hack. It went well with the mapping and such. Then I tried to script. /fail

Anyway, here are a few maps from that hack:

A beach style city, complete with Gym, Pokémon Center, and Mart, plus a few houses and people playing on the beach.


A generic route, connecting in all four directions.


This is actually the entrance to multiple places; the ladder downward and the lower cave entry lead to an underground city. The cave entry in the middle connects to a tunnel between there and the underground city, and the upper most cave entry leads to a mountain.


The underground city mentioned in the map above. The ladder going up and the cave exit lead to the map above, while the ladder going down goes to the tunnel between the city and the middle cave entry on the map above.

I don't really have any certain part of mapping I excel at, but I usually only do outdoor maps. If needed, however, I can do indoor maps.
Sorry but that map isn't quite what I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by Learath2 View Post
IM Address: [email protected]
Name: Learath2

Proof of Work:


#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start
additem 0x1 0x1
checkflag 0x1201
if 0x1 goto @snippet1
checkflag 0x1202
if 0x1 goto @snippet2
msgbox @string1 MSG_KEEPOPEN //"Hurry!!\nAn earthquake is going to..."
fadescreen 0x1
fanfare 0x100
special 0x0
fadescreen 0x0
setvar 0x8004 0x1
setvar 0x8005 0x1
setvar 0x8006 0xC
setvar 0x8007 0x2
special 0x136
pause 0x20
setmaptile 0x16 0x11 0x24 0x0
setmaptile 0x17 0x11 0x25 0x0
setmaptile 0x16 0x12 0x1 0x0
setmaptile 0x17 0x12 0x1 0x0
setmaptile 0x16 0x13 0xE 0x0
setmaptile 0x17 0x13 0xF 0x0
special 0x8E
applymovement 0x4 @move1
waitmovement 0x0
msgbox @string2 MSG_NORMAL //"Roaaaaaar!"
cry 0x195 0x0
wildbattle 0x195 0x46 0x0
applymovement 4 @moooveer
waitmovement 0x0
setweather 0x3
msgbox @string3 MSG_NORMAL //"Eek! I got all wet.\nWe broke the ..."

#org @snippet1
msgbox @string4 MSG_NORMAL //"Thanks [player] \nyou saved the wo..."
giveegg 0xAC
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox @string5 MSG_KEEPOPEN //"[player] received an egg\nwonder w..."
msgbox @string6 MSG_NORMAL //"Good luck on your adventure [playe..."

#org @snippet2
msgbox @string7 MSG_NORMAL //"Come on you really need to beat th..."

// Strings
#org @string1
= Hurry!!\nAn earthquake is going to hit\lLet me heal your pokemon

#org @string2
= Roaaaaaar!

#org @string3
= Eek! I got all wet.\nWe broke the balance of the world\lNow you have to defeat Kyogre too\lto fix the balance of the world.\lBut you have to crush that\lGroundon.To crush it you need\la pokemon with HYDRO PUMP.

#org @string4
= Thanks [player] \nyou saved the world from\la terrible end.\pTake this as a reward.

#org @string5
= [player] received an egg\nwonder whats in it.

#org @string6
= Good luck on your adventure [player].

#org @string7
= Come on you really need to bring a pokemon knows [blue_fr]HYDRO PUMP.

// Movements
#org @move1
#raw 0x12 //Step Left (Normal)
#raw 0x12 //Step Left (Normal)
#raw 0x12 //Step Left (Normal)
#raw 0x12 //Step Left (Normal)
You're going to have to be way more advanced to get accepted here, buddy.

Anyway, I've removed everyone from the team who I've either not heard from for a while or who haven't contributed in a while. Feel free to contact me if you want to be back on the team. :)