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Originally Posted by altariaking View Post
Nothing is pointless if you want to make a good hack, everything adds up in the end.
While the topic is straying a bit, this is true. While your hack did meet the requirements, I question your attitude. When it comes to hacking, ultimately the goal is to meet the standards of- no, to SURPASS the standards of the official games. While this doesn't mean you need to pump your hack full of ASM, you should always take care of the little things, whether that means scripting all the signs, or doing multiple scripts if a path is bigger than two tiles... You regardless of what YOU find pointless, you need to put in a bit of effort to make it look professional.
Having said that, it is your hack, and the decision to make the effort rests with you...
However, I advise you make the wise choice, else I'll seriously consider my approval of this to the Showcase. Remember, a hack has to be of a certain standard, and if the hacker has an attitude such as yours, well... My expectations aren't very high.

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