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Originally Posted by Poke_a_Dialga! View Post
Probably the first time ever for me to post on a game thread XD
So far looking good
Maybe a pokedex of 351?
It's just my opinion though
The title Pokemon Chornicles: The Sands of Time really sounds like Final Fantasy Crystal Chornicles: Echoes of Time... (did u get this idea from this game?)
Maybe it's just me though :3
Always nice to try new things... :cer_smile:

The phrase "Sands of Time" is actually one that has been in circulation for quite some time. I believe Socrates might have been (one of) the first to use this phrase. Since then it's been used as the titles of operas, Dr. Who novels etc. etc. Anyway, it's basically an allusion to the hourglass as a symbol of mortality and/or eternity, and the perfect name for the game. :cer_wink:

The "Pokemon Chronicles" part I just thought would be a great name for a series. I found out shortly later that there is actually a manga named that already - but oh well...

I think now that the regional dex will have somewhere in the range of 301-351 Pokemon and fakemon. No more, no less.

Thanks for your input. :cer_smile:


I'm currently looking for New-England fishing village style tiles for Freewharf Town, and struggling. I've tried making them myself but It would involve a level of skill that surpasses mine. If anyone knows of, or can make, tiles in this style please tell me.

What Do You Want To See?

I'm going to do another one of these while I do some mapping. Nominate a type yu would like to see and a brand new sprite of that type will be revealed tomorrow morning.


There isn't a lot of sprites done at the moment, hence a lack of choice.

Happy voting! And please remember to comment.