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Aww..... no one voted. :cer_cry:

New Sprites

Seeing as NO ONE voted this time I'm just going to reveal all the completed sprited so far.

Snapple's description still in construction. Sprite by Aviculor.

Cholant, the Lantern Pokemon. Cholant have large, mostly hollow heads that glow thanks to flammable gases. They flock towards each other and are often found flying near festivals. Sprite by Aviculor.

Lyrain, the Rain Bowl Pokemon. Lyrain can often be heard singing during fresh rain, and will sing under no other circumstances. They will often follow rain clouds in order to catch the rain that falls from them. Due to this, some consider Lyrain a method to discern when it will next rain. The water collected in Lyrain's bowl-like head is used to keep itself moist and hydrated on dry days. Sprite by Ivyon.

Going to re-arrange the fakedex now to include all these new guys. And remember to comment!!!!