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-Started with Charmander (Sorry, I don't know of any starter changers) so my rival's starter wasn't weak/super effective against Yanma
-Got Oak's Parcel
-Caught Buggy the Clo-erm, Yanma.
-Dropped Charslave in the PC.
-Grinded in Viridian Forest to Lv 12
-Beat up Gary
-More Grinding!
-Challenged Brock at Lv.17
-Had to use double-team spam due to the insanely bad defensive stats+ 4x Rock weakness, SonicBoom was awesome here.

-Headed to Cerulean City via Mt. Moon
-Brutalised Gary and the Nugget Bridge trainers
-Taught Buggy Secret Power
-Saved Bill from his own stupidity
-Went to the Gym
-Buggy wiped the floor with her team, Secret Power was a OHKO on Staryu and a 2HKO on Starmie

-Headed south to Vermillion City
-Beat everyone on the SS Anne
-HM01 Get!
-Taught Charslave Cut
-Entered the Gym
-The secret switches were in the first 2 cans I checked...still beat all the trainers, 'cause I can.
-Surge was all OHKOs...with paralysis...and Buggy going first despite being paralyzed :D
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