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I have completed the kanto part of my Venusaur ultimate solo, and here is my Elite Four log:

Dewgong - OHKO Razor Leaf
Slowbro - OHKO Razor Leaf
Lapras - Return (50%) Razor Leaf (finish)
Jynx - OHKO Return
Cloyster - (2 protects) Razor Leaf (100%)


Onix - OHKO Razor Leaf
Hitmonchan - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Hitmonlee - OHKO Razor Leaf (Crit)
Onix - OHKO Razor Leaf
Machamp - 2HKO Return


Gengar - Long Battle (spammed me)
Golbat - 2HKO Return
Haunter - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Gengar - (Max Ether Razor Leaf) 3HKO Razor Leaf
Arbok - OHKO Earthquake


Gyarados - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Aerodactyl - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Dragonite - 2HKO Return (2nd critted)
Dragonair - OHKO Earthquake (crit)
Dragonair - 2HKO Earthquake


Pidgeot - 2HKO Return
Alakazam - OHKO Earthquake
Charizard - 2HKO Return
Exeggutor - 2HKO Return
Rhydon - OHKO Razor Leaf
Gyarados - 3HKO Return

I did my first region!

Most useful attack - Razor Leaf - You get it early, and it has a very high amount of PP, and with STAB, it's also very powerful. It also gave me tons of criticals for the Elite Four.

Pre E4 Rage:

Post E4 Rage:

Hall of Fame:

The Johto Challenge!

I edited my starter to Bulbasaur, and started, using the speed up function in VBA, I have four badges and just need a surfing pokemon.


I may update later or tomorrow.
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