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    -Headed back to Cerulean City, stocked up on healing items and repels
    -Went to Lavender Town via Rock Tunnel, taught Buggy Aerial Ace on the way
    -Headed to Celadon City
    -Swept through the gym with Aerial Ace

    -Taught Buggy Giga Drill..erm, Giga Drain
    -Beat up Team Rocket, got the Silph Scope
    -Buggy OHKO'd everything in Pokemon Tower. Except Marowak, that was a 2 hit job...
    -Saved Mr. Fuji, Poke Flute get!
    -Headed south to Fuchsia City, picked up Snorslave on the way
    -Gym time!
    -Aerial Ace, is there anything it can't solve? Well, not in this gym there wasn't.
    *Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot of Koga, same goes for Blaine*
    -Picked up HM03, HM04 and TM47, taught the first 2 to Snorslave and Steel Wing to Buggy
    -Headed back up Cycling Road,
    -Got a cup of tea from an old lady in Celadon Mansion
    -Damn guards stole my tea....oh well, time to beat up Team Rocket again
    -Gary's Pidgeot actually gave me a bit of trouble this time around, f***ing featherdance, still won in the end
    -Beat Giovanni again
    -Headed to the gym, avoided all the trainers
    -Swept with Aerial Ace

    -Rode back to Celadon to get HM02, caught a Doduo to teach it to
    -Flew to Pallet Town
    -Surfed to Cinnabar Island
    -Got the Secret Key from the Mansion
    -Gym time...
    -This one took a while...a lot of KOs...and a lot of patience. His mons seemed to have a roughly ~90% accuracy with Fire Blast. Buggy's weakest stat is special defense...I was too annoyed to take a screenshot, sorry.
    -Flew back to Viridian City
    -Gym time!
    -Swept with Aerial Ace and Giga Drain

    -Headed off to the Pokemon league, was overlevelled enough to OHKO most of Gary's team
    -Beat Lorelei by sheer luck, yay crit Giga Drain.
    -None of Bruno's fighting types could take an Aerial Ace, his Onixes didn't like Steel Wing
    -Agatha's ghosts were no match for Aerial Ace
    -Lance's team was a cakewalk, his Dragonite actually KOd itself...with a little help from Screech
    -The champion battle was annoying, after several resets I decided to stop playing fair. I set up vs Pidgeot with X Attacks and Guard Specs (F***ing Featherdance!) and swept his entire team, OHKOs all around!
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