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    Originally Posted by tvoza2 View Post
    Ive played this game until i reach a blank grass map, so i think i hit the end of the beta, but it is absolutely amazing.
    one thing that bothers me is ash's backsprite, and you gotta find a way to prevent bulbasaur, charmander and squrtile from evolving, cause bulba and squrtle dont ever evolve in the anemie, and charmander cant make it to charizard, cause it nvr listens as a charmeleon, which even thought it dosnt listen to ash, it isnt supposed to evolve for a long time after it reaches lv 16. but no other problems ive seen.
    You could keep it form evolving by pressing b. As long as it stays charmander it will obey. So you could raise it to 35 let it evolve into chamelion then deal with it for one level until it evolves into charizard. I just keep it as a charmander for the time since having it evolve would be useless unless you want to go 100% like the anime. The way I play it is the choices that ash should have made like evolving pikachu.
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