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Finally, the arrival of the Grand Festival. We're finally getting somewhere. The appeals weren't all too great, looking at them again since I watched this in Japanese. ): Buuut, I still enjoyed the episode regardless. I saw a lot of character development in Dawn since her first contest - still glad they showed her nerves through her hair though. That's just her.

Of all the appeals, Ursala's and Jessie's was my least favorite though. :\ It just didn't seem "interesting." The evolution idea was cool, a great way to show off Flareon and Vaporeon again, but that was about it. To be honest, all of the appeals just seemed rush this time around.

I also saw some Dawn x Zoey shipping in the episode; from the moment they met hand in hand. XD; Although, I couldn't say that since I'm not a shipper.

Oh, and Nando cannot sing. ):
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