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    Now, any of you who know me will know that I love this game. In fact, if anything, you will also know I hate it too. Let me begin the review of:

    The game is available on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo

    Bubsy the Bobcat is... About Bubsy the Bobcat. That guy:

    Yeah, he is the main character. You play as him.
    So, now for the basic:


    Aliens called the "Woolies" land on the Earth. It seems that in the process, they managed to steal all of Bubsy's yarn balls and scattered them everywhere. The aim is to defeat the woolies, whilst collecting yarn balls. Simple, right?

    A Wooly:

    (Way more dangerous than the picture tells you, I'll tell you now!)


    It is a standard platformer. Great comparison: Sonic the Hedgehog. Very similar to that. You can run very fast, and jump, and glide in the air. So, I guess he is a Super Bobcat...

    Anyway, one thing you need to know about this game: You thought Sonic was too easy? This is too hard. One hit kills you, be it standing on pins, touching an enemy, being hit by a rolling Cheese Wheel of Doom, touched by a jumping hot dog, hit by an egg, and not to mention pesky sand sharks in canyons. Even falling from a great height without gliding can kill you. And don't get me started about the bosses...

    Oh, and yarn balls are the key collectable. Like Sonic and his rings.


    I recommend it if you think that old games are easy, as then you will be wrong. I also recommend it if you complain about games being too easy in general, as you are in for a shock. I love this game not because it is particularly good (yet for a Sega Genesis/SNES game, the graphics aren't too bad, and it gets addictive), but because it is my childhood. I'm biased. Sue me.


    Like I said, I'm biased. So naturally, I'd give it a high score. So, pretending I never played it before, and was shown it, I would give it a:


    Reasons being: I love this genre, I love the difficulty (yet at times it is very... Cheap...) and I love the stage designs and music. And not to mention the variety of levels. Carnivals, rural villages, jungles, space stations... This game boasts a variety of stages, and for that, I admire it so much.

    Oh and also, every time you start the stages, he speaks (sometimes a comment to the title). One key quote is his ironic "What could possibly go wrong?" which is adorably funny.


    As soon as my laptop gets fixed, I will be supplying all of you boys and girls and... Monkeys with a Lets Play. I already have 3 levels on my YouTube account, yet I don't recommend them, as I want to start it anew with my critique. Sorry if this review was bad, and for lack of good pictures. Feel free to criticise my criticism, or even give your own opinions on this game.

    Oh, and there is a sequel and a cartoon episode of his you should check out!

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