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Old September 18th, 2010 (11:22 AM).
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Well, we saw quite a few recurring characters return: Nando, Kenny, Zoey, and Ursula. I've never seen three Nurse Joys in the same place before. Plus, Fantina was there too, but her accent is so fake. Too bad for Kenny, though, who lost in the first round. He's one of my favorite Sinnoh characters, and I think he left too early. I'd rather see that stuck-up Ursula leave. Oh well, I guess the writers just wanted to make this episode interesting.

As for Team Rocket, only one rhyme heard, which was really good. Will Jesselina advance far in the Grand Festival? Maybe, maybe not.

Classic music cue at the end, which I enjoyed. More of those should be included in the new episodes. It adds a nostalgic touch, especially since old cues aren't really used anymore.

Overall, an okay episode. Not too much going on, except for all the appeals and Kenny's departure.

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