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Originally Posted by The-Great-Falkner View Post
What I'am posting now is a black version with the exp fix, it works 100% but only with Desmume the emulator I'm not so if I spelled it right...any way there are 2 problems with this game, after you get to the second town and go into the pokemon center witch is an event with the new prof. and that girl thats your friend in the green once you talk to nurse joy the game freezes up but no black screen and the other problem is its in Japanese so someone needs to make it run with no cash gba and make a cheat that stops the freeze like in hh and ss, plus an english patch needs to be made.
Once these are made the game can be played to its full epicness with no worries...Oh and I tryed out the game and its actually pretty cool.

If you choose to do this good luck!
Well thats a no no, no uploading roms...

But it seems you did not even upload the actual thing XD since I would assume the rom is bigger than what a few bytes... lol

Mystic still in work to let you know...
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