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Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post
Map Name: Pinewood Town
Map Game: Ruby
Comments: A little map I made. It's the hometown, and yeah... Just want your guys opinions on the map. Maybe it's for a hack, maybe not. Who knows... Also who cares if I used cross generation-tiles x-x It's my map, yeesh.
Well, It looks, plain. I think that the ridges are much too straight. Try making some places jutt out or stick in. Also, try to make the paths less straight.

And what I said the first time (outloud might I add) "Why the crap is there a GYM in the first town??!?"

I don't mean to sound mean, and sorry if that came out that way. But, overall, this map is too orderly. Try mixing some stuff up a little.

Rating: 5/10

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