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Reviewed Map:
Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
Map name: Pallet town
Map game: Firered
Comments: I made this map to practice tileinserting and because I was bored. It's a re-mapping of pallet town.

Review: Your mapping has improved much better than last time, but still, it could use some work. I still see some tile errors here and there, but not a whole lot like last time. The mountains finally line up correctly. But the way you map your trees... It's so straight. Trees don't grow in rows. Make it look more natural. Add more flowers also. And you're only using one grass tiles. Put some different grass tiles on there. That's why they're there. And it should be more like a route then a town, the way the place is mapped. Also you're gonna get border problems.

Make the tree placement more random, fix tile errors, add more flowers, add more than that one certain grass tile to make more natural, fix lining of trees at the border if you don't want border problems, add a path, remove tall grass.