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    I have accidentally deleted my last post, so I will post the pictures and post my newest one:

    Hoenn Log:
    Hoenn Log Part One - Roxanne

    -I hacked in Bulbasaur as starter and named it Rage after defeating a Zigzagoon.
    -I went to May and defeated her Torchic which was easy with my newly grinded level 8 Rage.
    -After speaking to Birch and getting new shoes from my mum, I went and grabbed HM I the Zigzagoon from Route 103 and proceded to Route 102.
    -I defeated all of the trainers and the helped Wally the moron catch a pokemon.
    -After that I met my stalker aka Scott and on Route 104, I defeated the trainers and caught HM II the Wingull.
    -I headed through Petalburg Woods, defeating Bug Catchers, guys who chase Shroomish lovers and more Bug Catchers and found myself back on Route 104!
    -I soon realised I was in the north part of the route, and ran up to Rustboro City, taught cut to HM I and took on the gym.
    -I obliterated Roxanne by spamming Leech Life and Vine Whip

    Hoenn Log Part Two - Brawly

    -After leaving the gym, I saw Shroomish lover and his stalker and followed them northeast onto Route 116, where I took out all of the trainers and found an old man by a cave.
    -I helped his Wingull because of Wingull love (HM II and PEEKO)and then got given another great ball by Shroomish guy.
    -After his boss finally let me go, I headed south and took on May again, where her Wingull went down in a single shot from Razor Leaf, and the Torchic went down quick with Tackle.
    -She told me about Briney, and I went to visit him and he took me to Dewford, where I met Steven and gave him a letter and he gave a TM.
    -Brawly's gym was easy, and Brawly went down with Leech Seed and Poisonpowder.

    Hoenn Log Part Three - Wattson

    -I left Dewforn with Briney and took on all the trainers on the beach and obtained 6 Soda Pops.
    -I then went to meet Dock and then was given Thief by the Shroomish Lover's Stalker.
    -I took on the two Aqua grunts in the Ocean Museum and met Archie and he told me to leave Team Aqau alone, and then left without giving me chance to answer, just like Stern did a second later.
    -After I got outside, my stalker Scott came and talked to me and gave me his phone number.
    -I headed up to the Trick House, completed the first puzzle and the headed northeast and got in a battle with May.
    -I defeated her easily and then went to Mauville and guess who I saw?
    -Wally! I obliterated him and all of his friends on the route between Mauville and Verdanturf.
    -I took on the gym in Mauville and won the battles easy, with a few cases of paralysis.
    -Wattson's first two pokemon died easily, but the last two took a little longer because of paralysis, but I ended up one badge richer.

    Hoenn Log Part Four - Flannery

    -I headed over to Fallarbor, which didn't take long because of the weak trainers and then headed toward Meteor Falls.
    -I got their and met Team Magma for the first time and then saw Archie, who ran off before I could say anything again.
    - I then headed down to Rustboro City and visited Devon Corp and then headed through Rusturf Tunnel and back up towards Mt Chimney.
    -I took a ride up onto the mountain, to find Team Aqua!
    -I went to fight them, but I realised that they weren't the enemy and the jerks in the red clothes were the enemy.
    -I took them on and found that they weren't as strong as they looked.
    -I got to the boss and listened to him, and then prepared for battle.
    -He was easy with Mightyena and Camerupt going down in one hit and Zubat in one hit from Strength.
    -I headed down Jagged Pass defeating trainers and the jerk in the Magma suit and then got into Lavaridge.
    -I entered the gym and started on the trainers.
    -The trainers were easy and it's time to fight Flannery, who I hope wont be too hard.
    -Flannery went down pretty quick other than the Torkoal, which paralysed me and used attract on me.

    _____May Johto Rejoice!

    Ultimate Solo Challenge

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