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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
It's times like these where I would've loved to have a DSLR. We're not allowed to blur a background to add depth of field if our camera is only digital? ._. Damn what a disadvantage! If we're allowed to change the levels, why would adding depth of field be bad?
Do you mean no splicing stuff together?

I feel like anything should be allowed. If it's done tastefully.. why not? Why not be able to super-impose things together? If Man Ray could do it.. why can't we? If I take a photo of the sky, and someone looking like they're lying on a cloud.. why not? If someone truly has an artistic eye.. it can make or break the photo.

My two cents. lol.. I guess you can't have my two cents without a complaint in there.

Either way, I'm actually gonna try for this! But I'm totally going to take it with my Palm-Pre (phone) to give myself an artistic challenge >DDDD
If you edit it with levels and the likes, that's legal. But, this is a Photography contest, not a graphics contest, so it boils down to that. So long as you just keep it looking natural there's no way we can tell but, don't go wild on editing.

Moved your post on into the Q/A
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