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    My favourite memory of the Pokemon franchise occurred when I was seven or eight, which was around the time I obtained my invaluable Silver version. I was in my friend's house with another friend and we sort of had a rivalry thing going on to see who could be the best Pokemon Master!

    So Johnny had received INTEL that there was more to Mt. Silver than just the first room (none of us had figured out you could challenge Red) so after about fifteen minutes of searching, David found the door and went straight on through and talked to Red. Myself and Johnny were going crazy because David hadn't told us where the door was and if he beat Red first, he'd become the Pokemon Master out of the three of us. Eventually we found it (disclaimer: Johnny did, I was just watching his screen). By this point, David was losing to Red horrifically. We started our individual battles with Red and I remember all of us shouting abuse at our games when something went wrong or exclamations of glee when the battle turned in the direction we wanted it to.

    Five minutes later, David and Johnny have lost and it's one versus one. My Lanturn versus his Blastoise. His Blastoise is faster because my Lanturn is less leveled up than he should have been. Blastoise misses his attack (don't remember what it was) and Lanturn gets a critical hit.


    At least that was what us seven year olds determined back in the day.
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